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"...well over one thousand components..."

Released at MINExpo in 1996 the R 260 was the largest truck in Euclid-Hitachi's line of diesel electric haulers. Our 1:50 scale brass miniature, which comprises well over one thousand components, is now being released onto the collector’s market. The miniature includes the 2500hp (1864 kW) Detroit Diesel - MTU S-4000 series power pack.

Euclid R 260 We are currently building miniatures for Euclid-Hitachi representing both the pilot truck, displayed at MINExpo 96, and production rigs which include mine operator specified requirements and production standard modifications. All available options and changes will be made available to collectors.

For further information see the
R 260 specification page.

Prototype R 260 haul truck mounted on hardwood plinth complete with milled brass name plates. This model represents the pilot truck Euclid R 260
DDC/MTU S-4000 Detroit Diesel MTU S-4000 series power pack complete with GE GTA26 traction alternator. Truck hydraulics module displayed alongside. Note this is the pilot S-4000 series engine. Both pilot series and production engines are available.

For pricing and information on availability please contact us using the feedback page or if you prefer by e-mail, phone, fax or mail.

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